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VIP London Escort Girl Janus is back!

Having spent the last few months travelling around the world, I'm back in London,
tanned, fit and raring to go! I've updated the site with photos from my trips to the
exotic tropics, where I spent many fun hours on the beach!

  Hi my name is janus

I am a 22 year old part-time model & fitness instructor. I am a slim blonde with tanned skin and fit, busty body, always willing to demonstrate what nature has given me! I have a passion for travelling, seeing new sights, tasting new cuisine and experienceing new vistas. While in London escorts, I work out regularly to keep in tip-top condition, but I always try to be available to meet and entertain new people.

I enjoy the company of discerning gentlemen, whether you choose to meet at your place or at my London apartment.

I try not to limit your fantasy describing what kinds of sex I prefer and what I won't do in any case. I have no prohibitions in sex, everything depends on situation. Sometimes men inspire me to do the things I've never imagined! I am very flexible girl who can be different with each new affair. What I like most, is when my client is sincere with me, this helps to realize his desires in full.

As many other private London escorts I work in both incall and outcall services. This means we can spend time at my apartment or go to your place or hotel room. You are the only one to choose, where it will be more convenient. My London apartment is full of erotic atmosphere, everything here helps to tune in to a sexual wave.

If you have no time or desire to move somewhere from your own apartment, I can do this by myself, all you need to do is to open your door and get prepared for sensual adventures with your gorgeous London escort. I don't mind from various public events or business dinners where we can appear together, if you need a company.

I am one of those ladies who have excellent manners of behaviour and good sense of style. My social skills are very good, just like my skills in seducing men and pleasuring them in sex. Also if you or your friends are looking for new London independent models or agency ladies escort I can recommend you some London escorts girls directories.

Please feel free to give me a call and I hope to meet you soon.
Love and kisses
janus xx

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